The Infrastructure

Safe Host provides a complete range of services to ensure efficient and cost effective operations of your data centre. Our approach is to offer various service modules that gives customers a granular view on their IT spend.
Data Centre

Power Supply

  • In case of grid loss, Safe Host industrial-strength, back-up diesel generators will take over automatically in a matter of seconds (with UPS buffer).
  • Fuel reserves ensure the continuous functioning of the generators for up to 48 hours.
  • Total power installation of 10.4 MVA in a dedicated S.I.G. sub-station.
  • The delivery routes are completely diverse, providing A and B power feeds from the Power Distribution Units (PDUs) to all customer technical areas.
  • Multiple high-specification UPS systems guarantee clean continuous power.
  • UPS Power: 8MVA (N+1 configuration).
  • Continuous duty, redundant 50Hz, 0.4MVA, 230 V, three-phase UPS units, providing a minimum 10 minutes of clean and regulated uninterrupted power.

Environmental Control

  • Glycol with N+1 of 4 parallel high-capacity free cooling chillers of 550kW each and 2 parallel high-capacity free cooling chillers of 1MW each (floors 5,4,3), 3 parallel high-capacity free cooling chillers of 550kW each (floor 2).
  • Guaranteed temperature: 22° (+/- 5° C).
  • N+1 floor fed air handling units.
  • Filtered, dust-free and pressurized customer technical areas.
  • Chilled water piping installed outside of the technical area in sealed service corridors.


Safe Host manages its own N+1 redundant cabling infrastructure throughout the facility.

Optical mono-mode, multi-mode, coax, copper and RJ interfaces are supplied from 3 redundantly configured risers to the customer technical area allowing cross connections to multiple telecommunication operators present in the building or access to SafeNet™ IP services.

Cable Flooring

  • Laser leveled, 50cm, raised flooring.
  • Top quality non-PVC floor finishes.
  • Maximum uniform floor loading of 1500kg per meter squared.
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