Switzerland ranks 3rd in the DCRI!

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Switzerland ranks 3rd in the DCRI!

20.07.2016 - Safe Host is based in one of the safest country in the world.

That’s what the 2016 Data Center Risk Index report shows. Established in order to provide companies a ranking of the safest countries to host their data, the Data Center Risk Index goes by 7 selection criteria including political stability, risks of natural disasters and energy security. 


Costs linked to the loss of critical data can reach several millions of Francs.  Worse, these incidents can put the company’s existence and reputation at risk. The Data Center Risk Index assesses the physical, economic and social risks that could put the continuity of your data in danger.  It allows decision-makers to anticipate these risks and choose the most suitable locations to reduce these threats. 

European countries occupy the top 5 of the index, offering a low-risk environment for setting up Data Centers. 

The index further confirms that Switzerland is a strategic choice for hosters.  3rd in the general ranking and 1st in terms of energy security, Switzerland offers an ideal setting for data protection. 

For more information, you can download the Data Center Risk Index 2017.



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