Internet Bandwidth

Safe Host provides a complete range of services to ensure efficient and cost effective operations of your data centre. Our approach is to offer various service modules that gives customers a granular view on their IT spend.

The Internet Bandwidth service offers a resilient, multi-homed IP connection with high availability. Safe Host IP network is connected to multiple Tier-1 IP backbones via high speed links. Safe Host maintains its own Autonomous System (AS21217) and Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) enabled border routers for multi-homing and Internet upstream redundancy. Thus if an external link becomes unavailable or a major outage affects one of our upstream connectivity providers, the transmission will automatically be redirected to an alternative route with no impact on availability. This allows Safe Host to offer extremely high levels of network performance and availability.

SafeNet™ is based on a Gigabit Ethernet internal core network hosted and managed within our data centre. This network is highly robust and utilizes state of the art technology, providing Safe Host customers with scalable, modular options.

  • Upstream Resilience: Multi homed, redundant connections between Safe Host’s core network and multiple Tier-1 IP backbones providers, thus ensuring a seamless and reliable connection to the global Internet.
  • BGP Routing: Border Gateway Protocol (BGP4) provides a method to learn and advertise routing information to and from Safe Host’s backbone in order to route and distribute traffic between multiple upstream connections in efficient and reliable manner. Routing policies have been engineered to ensure optimal traffic distribution between multiple Internet upstreams.
  • Bandwidth Management: Fully managed bandwidth solutions to fit your Internet traffic profile.
  • Low latency: SafeNet™ directly connected with Tier-1 upstream providers via non-contended high speed links.
  • Redundant Gigabit Backbone: 1+1 redundancy of Safe Host’s Gigabit Ethernet backbone ensuring instantaneous failover.
  • Network Management: 24x7 technical support, monitoring and maintaining the core network.
  • Network Traffic Statistics: Safe Host will provide the Customer with comprehensive statistics concerning their link usage.

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