Safe Host provides a complete range of services to ensure efficient and cost effective operations of your data centre. Our approach is to offer various service modules that gives customers a granular view on their IT spend.

Security Service Features

Safe Host’s network perimeter is protected by multiple firewalls and monitored by intrusion detection systems. In addition, Safe Host monitors and analyses firewall logs to proactively identify security threats.

SafeSecure™ is based on Cisco firewalls which are installed and configured as fail-over pairs. This ensures a continuous synchronization for connection state information and device configuration data between each of the firewalls.

VPN Connectivity

Safe Host implements and installs VPN Client Applications on workstations designated by customers. This application can run on Microsoft Windows-based PCs, Linux desktops or Macintosh personal computers. The customers’ administrators can access the servers housed at Safe Host as if on-site.

Intrusion Detection

Network security for customers at Safe Host has several levels including Intrusion Detection System (IDS). Safe Host has deployed an architecture which uses multi-layer protection options to prevent an attack from successfully reaching customers’ servers.

SafeSecure™ accurately identifies and classifies any attacks aimed at Safe Hosts’ customers and proceeds to stop the attack before damage occurs.

For more information about SafeSecure™, or any other Safe Host service, please contact Sales at Tel: +41 22 884 5020.

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