Data Backup & Storage

Safe Host provides a complete range of services to ensure efficient and cost effective operations of your data centre. Our approach is to offer various service modules that gives customers a granular view on their IT spend.

Data Backup & Storage - Files and Databases

SafeBackup™ Files and Databases is a cost-effective and secure solution for Customer servers. The service protects the applications against data loss or corruption, while freeing Safe Host’s Customers’ from time-consuming and costly backup administration.

Safe Host SA uses its data centre facility to provide Disaster Recovery Services. SafeBackup™ Services are housed in Safe Host’s fully redundant data centre facility and utilize high-end disk and tape storage libraries. This ensures that businesses have the peace of mind knowing that in the event of a data loss or disaster their data remain available in a safe and secure place.

Recent backups, up to one month, are to be found on disk rather than tape. Restores of these data are, therefore, when requested, rapidly executed.

Agents installed on the client machines enable backups to be taken for all major software environments such as MS Windows (with system state), UNIX and Linux, and applications such as MS SQL, MS Exchange and Oracle.

Data Backup & Storage – Tape Rotation

SafeBackup™ Tape Rotation service is designed to support customers who do not staff their facility within the Safe Host data centre and require on-site assistance to support media replacement and management for items such as DLT tape loaders and other backup systems. SafeBackup™ Tape Rotation service is available on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis and is performed during regular business hours.

The handling procedures and tasks are tailor made to each customers’ business requirement with a regular review of the tape handling work instruction.

Data Backup & Storage – Vaulting

SafeBackup™ Vaulting service offers on-site or off-site secure storage for customers media such as DLT tapes or other backup systems. SafeBackup™ Vaulting service can be available on daily, weekly, and monthly basis and is performed during regular business hours. The vaulting service is tailor made to each customers’ tape vaulting policy.

Data Backup & Storage - Archiving

For customers’ with indefinite data retention requirements SafeBackup™ - Archiving offers secure storage of data for the long-term. If a customer has contracted Safe Host for SafeBackup™ - Files & Databases and requires a retention policy longer than three months then the archiving service must be taken.

Data Backup & Storage - Off-Site Transport

If there is a specific requirement to transport tapes (whether to a customer or to Safe Host’s off-site location) then Safe Host offers a specific media transportation service. The transportation service is tailor made to each customers’ off-site retention policy.

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