Introducing Safe Host’s New Branding and Visual Identity

Introducing Safe Host’s New Branding and Visual Identity

Established in 2000 as Safe Host, our company has since steadily evolved to become the leading data center in Switzerland.

A New Look

Our brand, our logo and the image surrounding these elements have been established since our inception. They have served us well, but no longer reflect our vision and skills in today’s context.

For the 20th anniversary of Safe Host we have decided to unveil the modernisation of our brand.

We wanted to refresh our visual identity, reassert our brand presence and give Safe Host a unified and coherent look that we will deploy on our different support and communication channels, starting with our website. An evolution more that a revolution, we looked at all the brand basics to convey our expertise in a subtle but confident way.

Concept and Logo Simplification

Hosting data privately and securely was a key focus when Safe Host was first established..

Today security is still a key priority, however we felt that in order to define our core values, a stronger, more distinguished appearance was necessary.

Consequently, we eliminated the ‘lock’ icon from the right of our name and removed the tagline and separated these elements.

We opted for a simplified yet memorable final logo. Only “Safe Host” is written as the brand name.

The lock icon is now used as a secondary brand element with updated colours, when a more compact Safe Host brand representation is required.

The icon is now used as a secondary brand element, with updated colors, when a “compact” Safehost representation is required.


The typography fits within the continuity of the old logo but with brighter and livelier colours.

We refined the curves to bring consistency and precision in the detail of the letters for a sleeker and more dynamic look.

Color Palette

The previous colour palette was outdated when taking into consideration our growth over the past two decades, thus lacking in flexibility when in application. We have changed the shades of the palette to bring a contemporary feeling while keeping our signature red as the main brand colour.

The red is bold, bright and energetic, representing our vision and forward thinking.

The blues are subtle and calm, grounding us in our technical field.

We have added secondary colours to compliment our primary brand items. The purpose is to give more possibilities as we continuously develop our Safe Host story.

Mesh pattern

The mesh is a new element introduced in our design language. It is an abstract representation of several aspects involved in our business.

This might evoke the kind of metal grating we use in our racks and for construction, as well as the the micro circuitry networks in the computer cards or the large connections of a vast international power supply grid.

Usage examples


This visual identity celebrates our past and all the gained experience while setting us up for our future. Safe Host is very proud of it and wishes to thank all of its clients and partners for making this possible. We hope that you will continue to follow us in the upcoming years during our continuous innovation journey.

To new horizons !

The Safe Host Team.