New Data Center Project in Beringen

New Data Center Project in Beringen

Beringen / Digital hub in Schaffhausen

Safe Host SH5 data center to be built in the Beringen industrial quarter on the site on a former tennis club site. The building application was submitted on 9 April 2021.

Digitalisation is here. The special events of the last and current year have shown us that we are increasingly communicating online. The desire to access data and the internet is stronger than ever. Streaming, communication and data backup require a huge amount of storage power as everything has to be permanently accessible from any device. The year 2020 has increased this development with the shift towards home office. To ensure remote access, a storage location is needed. While smaller companies often have their servers in-house, it is impossible for medium to large companies to guarantee this storage themselves.

We want our data to be in safe hands, which is why the demand for data centers in Switzerland has increased in recent years. Local companies prefer to store their data in Switzerland rather than abroad.

Being at the heart of Europe, Switzerland is an attractive location due to its modern infrastructure and stable framework conditions. The country has abundant hydroelectric power and a strong legal framework that supports data protection. This positions Safe Host, as a reliable and trusted Swiss partner, for deploying new data center capacity sustainably, quickly and effectively.

The Beringen data center with the title, «SH5» will be the fifth owned by Safe Host. Three of the other Safe Host data centres are located within the Geneva cluster with the fourth, SH4, is currently being built in Rafz, 15km from Zurich.

Shortly after the beginning of the SH4 construction, the search for another site had already begun. Safe Host had therefore contacted the Economic Development Department of the Canton of Schaffhausen, which actively supported the data centre in its search for a suitable plot of land whilst providing relevant contacts. 

“ As a Swiss company, we are very pleased about our partnership with Schmidli and the municipality of Beringen. This project continues our mission to build digital infrastructure in Switzerland. ”

Steve Webb, COO (Chief Operating Officer) Safe Host

In order to secure and protect data at the highest level, a data center depends on a powerful and uninterruptible power supply. The location in Beringen therefore offers excellent conditions. EKS is currently working with Axpo to optimise the lines between Neuhausen and Wilchingen with underground cabling that ensures sustainability in the long term. The construction of a new substation to the highest standards in Beringen is a core competence of EKS.  

Two projects are therefore being submitted for approval on the site: one project is the data center with ancillary buildings, the other is a substation for the Schaffhausen Cantonal Electricity Works (EKS), involving the transformation from 110kV (high voltage) to 16kV (medium voltage).

“ By building a substation, we are supporting the dynamic development of the municipality, at the same time enabling larger amounts of renewable energy to be fed into the industrial area and at the same time increasing the security of supply. ”

Markus Niedrist, Head of Grid, Member of the Executive Board

Sustainability as a key focus

For the municipality of Beringen with the partnership of Safe Host, the project is a milestone in the development of the industrial quarter. Accordingly, the municipal council is looking forward to the planned new building with confidence.  The construction of such a high-tech building will have a positive effect in Beringen promoting new job creation. 

From the very beginning of the conception of this project, it was clear to the municipal council and Safe Host that sustainability was the main focus.  

“ The data center should be designed as efficiently as possible. This includes the use of solar energy, rainwater and the re-use of the waste heat generated. ”

Roger Paillard, Mayor of Beringen

An extremely energy-efficient and high-quality data center is to be built in Beringen. Wherever possible, rainwater will be stored and processed for cooling. A photovoltaic system will be installed on all free roof surfaces and on the south façade to generate additional electricity. The office complex will then be heated with the waste heat generated, and the remaining waste heat bundled to be made available in the form of district heating. In order to keep the operational resource requirements of such a data center as low as possible, the municipal council attaches great importance to renewable energies for the power supply, for example photovoltaics, the use of rainwater for cooling and the further use of waste heat in other buildings in the industrial quarter. 

Looking to the future – next planning steps

In order to be considered as a competent candidate for the building application process, various local planners were consulted. The building application was then submitted on 9 April 2021. According to the project plan, construction work is to begin this year after the building permits have been obtained.