Safe Host Energy Management Program

Safe Host Energy Management Program

It was a challenge, but it was worth it.

As our customers’ technology advances, our data centers are being pushed harder.  People need more power and so data center performance requirements continue to rise.  The impact on the environment is becoming more and more apparent. 

Getting information that helps our customers with their sustainability commitments is needed.

Building on our recent ISO 14001 certification for Environmental Management Systems, we are proud to announce the successful certification for Energy Management Systems ISO 50001. 

Apart from the management framework, the Energy Management Systems means installing hundreds of sensors throughout our mechanical and electrical infrastructure.  Measuring and reporting this data is needed to help our customers reduce their carbon footprint..

“We worked really hard and got this ISO certification. It was a challenge, but it was worth it. Following on from our Environmental Management Systems ISO 14001, the Energy Management ISO 50001 provides a systematic approach in order to achieve continual improvement in energy management and performance for all our customers”.

Pierre Bernard, Quality Manager

The journey towards a sustainable way to digitize our information, is a strong basis for a meaningful discussion in helping our customers to reduce their carbon footprint.

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