Safe Host Succesfully Migrates Japan Tobacco International’s (JTI) Live Production Data Centre

Safe Host Succesfully Migrates Japan Tobacco International’s (JTI) Live Production Data Centre

300 servers and 200,000 gigabytes of storage migrated to Safehost’s Geneva facility.


  • Move 300 servers, tape libraries, storage devices and communications equipment housing the entire JTI network to the Safehost data centre.
  • Anticipate all potential critical issues and have plans in place to address them.
  • Ensure that JTI’s 24/7 IT operations remain unaffected, while coordinating with all stakeholders including server & network suppliers.


  • Safehost’s SafeMove™ data centre migration service.
  • Dependency mapping of all physical IT elements.
  • Entire data centre moved over three weekends and two mid-week slots.


  • No disruption to JTI’s day-to-day business.
  • Hourly tracking of all key move elements during migration allowed all possible problem scenarios to be addressed in real-time.
  • All deadlines successfully met.

“…the Safehost move service and the teams involved delivered excellence…”

Guilain Rogg, Vice President – IT Global Technical Center, JTI


The scope of the undertaking was to transfer over 300 servers, tape libraries, storage devices and communications equipment from one location to another. This included live SAP instances, e-mail, the corporate intranet and all the live systems upon which JTI has come to rely. The objective was to be invisible and to make the transition as smooth as possible with no disruption to everyday business.


Over consecutive weekends in April and May 2011, one of the most critical projects that JTI’s IT department has managed in recent years took place – and few people within the company were aware that it happened. Over 300 servers were moved and approximately a thousand disks were taken out, individually wrapped up and re-installed, and not one failed. All in all, Safehost moved approximately 200,000 gigabytes of storage. Safehost planned the entire physical move with JTI’s project team and mapped out the final destination of all IT elements in the Safehost data centre. Safehost was responsible for the entire physical move and for co-ordinating with specialist movers and IT vendors. Once at the Geneva data centre, the systems were mounted, connected and powered up according to the planned position of each piece of equipment.

“We did this one right – it’s a very clean, state-of-the-art data centre.”

Jay Ochse, Director – Business Systems Integration

At the SafeHost data centre, JTI now uses Safehost’s SafeSuite service, guaranteeing power and cooling availability in a highly secured environment. The operation itself was very much live.

“It was like changing the chassis on a car whilst it was still moving”,

Guillain Rogg, Vice President – IT Global Technical Center at JTI.

About JTI

JTI is a member of the Japan Tobacco Group of Companies, a leading international tobacco products manufacturer. It markets world-renowned brands such as Winston, Mild Seven and Camel, as well as Silk Cut, Sobranie, Glamour and LD. JTI’s brands are sold in120 countries. Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, JTI has about 25,000 employees, 90 offices, 24 factories (producing cigarettes), six research & development centers and five tobacco processing facilities.

About Safe Host

Since 2000, Safe Host has been a reliable and trusted Swiss partner for deploying new data center capacity quickly and effectively. Our engineering and design expertise coupled with our experience in building and operations allows our customers to focus on what is important for them. By leveraging the combined skill set of our engineering and design professionals, our promise is to make the data centre experience unique through providing excellence in our people and the service they provide to our customers. Safe Host’s management system has been awarded ISO 9001:2008 certification by Société Générale de Surveillance SA. The company has been successfully recertified annually since 2003.