Maximising your compute load to be able to deploy Cloud in a region is critical.

Our engineers have the experience and the capacity to partner with our cloud customers to drive a design that gives the lowest possible operating cost over the term of the lease.

Safe Host runs a dedicated Hyperscale team covering electrical, mechanical, structural and operational requirements and is tasked with delivering power and cooling geared not just to today's needs, but to higher densities in the future.

Power Procurement

Safe Host’s power procurement experience ensures that your power draw in a region is always conducted in the most sustainable way possible.

With the ability to receive live and historical metrics on carbon emissions, Hyperscalers can clearly see and track in accordance with their sustainability policies.

Thomas Diamantidis

Head of Site Selection

« Understanding a utility's deployment program is key to delivering a data center that works. »


Maximising Workload per kW

Safe Host understands the importance of maximising workload per kW by integrating a future-proof approach to any hyperscale deployment.

As densities increase, we are keen to partner with Hyperscalers in identifying solutions and influencing our common supply chain. Our engineering team is led by Carine Havet.


Carine Havet

Director of Engineering

« It is important for us to safely deliver the higher densities of the future. »

Health & Safety

Ensuring a safe working environment during fit-out and operations is our top priority.

The dangers of higher voltages and large data center constructions are especially important as Hyperscale densities increase.

Pierre Bernard runs our health and safety program enforcing an H&S policy that is above and beyond local regulatory requirements across all of our present and future sites.


Pierre Bernard

Quality Manager & Pre-Sales Compliance Manager

« There are many places in Europe that I have to go above and beyond local standards. »

Ready for Service Program

Managing schedule to RFS is everything. Known as the ‘King of Right to Left’, Steve Webb runs our RFS program identifying critical path items including supply chain, approvals and regulations in each European jurisdiction. We are proud of our close relationships with local authorities in the Tier II metros.

Safe Host’s main focus is to mitigate any schedule risk and give a clear picture of confidence in the program.

Our journey delivering capacity to Hyperscalers has been a great learning curve for our team. It’s important that you know that we bring our experience in a number of European jurisdictions to all Hyperscaler planning.

Steve Webb

Chief Executive Officer

« Troubleshooting a schedule in today’s demanding Hyperscale delivery timelines is a challenge. »

With more than 20 years of expertise, Safe Host supports you throughout your data center journey.

Based in the middle of Europe, we deploy Swiss precision wherever you need us.