Our colocation services range from as small as a half rack to dedicated expandable private suites offering an integrated approach with options to grow as desired.

We provide an ecosystem solution for power and cooling requirements to a range of industries with a zero down-time policy.

Safeguard your mission critical data with our state-of-the-art IT and communications infrastructure.

Our SafeSuite, SafeCage & SafeRack services are the solution for companies seeking to outsource their infrastructure management.

We offer the highest levels of security and operational resiliency and can offer full support 24/7, from cabling to any interventions related to your infrastructure. Inventories can be done by our team and we recycle equipment on demand.

Configure your power density deployments today with our team of experts.

Dedicated Private SafeSuite

Designed to accommodate complex equipment, this solution is entirely modular and scalable. A dedicated data center room provides you with the highest level of privacy and confidentiality:

  • Modular solid steel wall partitioning
  • Dual diverse power
  • Secure locking mechanism
  • Full earthing and bonding
  • Centralised real-time monitoring of housing environment
  • SLA on power and HVAC
SafeRack Hosting

All racks are in highly secure zones featuring ideal environmental conditions, fire detection and extinction, emergency back-up systems and 24/7 technical support:

  • Fully ventilated and efficiently cooled
  • Front & rear door access
  • Dual diverse power
  • Cable management channels
  • Secure locking mechanism
  • Full earthing and bonding
  • Centralised real time monitoring of housing equipment
  • SLA on power and HVAC
SafeRestart Solutions

Manage your risk and maintain the highest standards of resiliency with our rigorous SafeRestart service. Safehost’s dedicated business recovery centre offers the ideal infrastructure to restart your business operations with our expert help. We provide protection through workplace recovery positions ensuring uninterrupted power supply, network connectivity, physical security and 24/7 technical support:

  • Dedicated or shared workplace recovery positions
  • Crisis conference room with video conferencing
  • Operational availability
  • Capital expenditure under control
  • Business continuity planning and analysis
  • Quality office logistics & peripherals
  • Readily deployable solution for your business
SafeMove Migration Service

We understand that moving data centers can be distressing. Our experienced professionals will execute a successful move on time and within budget for today’s greater workloads.

Safe Host’s migration professionals have moved over 500 racks in the past 20 years, giving us a wealth of experience in data center moving tailored to your needs:

  • Preparation: cabling check, infrastructure control and spotting, to insure a smooth transition Priority definition as per every machine’s criterion;
  • Move: rack dismounting, machine packing, SafeRestart’ing, transport with lean planning methodology;
  • Installation: machine deployment as per defined and validated plan, installation, cabling;
  • Support in application Restart: in case of need.
On-Site Support

With our full range of Remote Hands and Eyes services, we are able to look after your IT infrastructure night and day from maintenance to crisis support. Let us do the hard work so you don’t have to.

Our experienced technicians specialise in:

  • Electricity
  • Security
  • IT
  • Network

What we guarantee

Certified Partner

Safehost data centers are certified to demonstrate highly rigorous standards with ongoing commitments to ensuring that these standards are maintained through our industry certifications. These certifications are a reaffirmation of the company’s reputation for quality, innovation and long-term commitment to customer care. We know that our customers require a reliable, secure and sustainable data center design. 

Our official certifications are: ISO9001, ISO27001, ISAE3402 & PCIDSS.

Click here for more information on our quality policy and information security policy.

Fully Secured Redundant Path

Every Safehost data center has been designed with the aim of offering maximum redundancy.

Whether it’s a case of fiber introductions or electricity feeds, each and every Safehost site is equipped with at least two fully separate and independent electrical feeds as well as two fiber introductions that do not cross, allowing multiple providers to offer redundant connectivity.

Flexible Providers

Safehost’s connectivity and security service allows you to connect to any network provider of your choice. We work closely with all the major national & international telecom operators to help our customers engineer a variety of external connectivity solutions.

Cross Connections
We enable cross connections to multiple telecommunication operators (or ISP) present in our facilities. You can choose from a large range of backbone operators, local loop providers and internet services providers. We can manage leased lines and/or coordinate and follow cross-site installations.

Connectivity & Security

Safehost provides a range of connectivity solutions that customers can combine to create their ideal network environment.

With all major national & international carriers available, our SafeNet™, SafeConnect™ services can cross connect customers to their carrier of choice, design resilient WAN architecture, manage carrier relationships and give customers peace of mind that their circuits are monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Safehost’s internal Gigabit backbone, SafeNet™ provides customers with protected Tier-1 Internet access, fully managed network security services and any-point to any-point connectivity. So whether you require Internet access or site-to-site connectivity, Safehost has the solution.

Offering robust, scalable solutions since 2002

We know the value of a reliable and experienced partner when it comes to data hosting needs.